To solve as many problems and score as many points as possible in one hour.


Please ensure you are familiar with the rules.


Difficulty Correct Incorrect or Unanswered Approximate time needed
A (five tasks) +4 points 0 points 2 minutes
B (five tasks) +6 points 0 points 5 minutes
C (two tasks) +8 points 0 points 15 minutes


Interpreting your score:

There is a maximum possible score of 66 although very few students will have the time to solve all 12 problems.

20+ points: Good – You have the basics covered.
25+ points: You will be awarded a certificate of Merit.
30+ points: Excellent – You need to have solved more than half of the 12 tasks.
40+ points: You will be awarded a certificate of Distinction.
50+ points
: Exceptional – 10 out of 12 problems need to be solved to achieve this.
66 points: Perfect. This is the maximum possible score!

Blockly Buttons:

Run Runs your code and saves your answer when it is correct.
Erase Erases, your code blocks, your answer and resets the task.
Hide menu Closes the question menu giving more space for your Blockly workspace.


On the day of the challenge you should read through the first four sections of this page with with your students before they they login to bebras.uk and click on the Challenges tab. You will need to provide them with their username and password (obtainable from the Bebras admin site).

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