How to prepare

Students in the Junior and Intermediate age groups will be required to be familiar with Blockly. A tutorial system that also includes some engaging challenges can be found here: blockly-games.appspot.com. Focus especially on the MazeTurtle and Movie sections.

If you are participating in Junior and Intermediate age groups you should ensure you are familiar with our Blockly tutorials 1 to 6 (linked to in the menu on the left). From 2021, the Junior and Intermediate challenges will only include Blockly tasks.

Senior and Elite students need to be familiar with one of the text-based programming languages we support. There may still be an occassional Blockly task, that we think students will find interesting or fun, but these students must ensure they have worked through our Tutorial 7 (linked to in the menu on the left).

You will also need to be familiar with the sections required for your age group in the Syllabus

A carefully structured Python tutorial aimed at able beginner programmers can be found here: computer science circles. It is possible for you, and any other students from your school to register on this site and then assign your teacher (or even a student) as your mentor. This person will receive any requests for help you might make.

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UKCT Challenges are proud to use The Cuttle Platform to host our challenges.
The Cuttle system can be used for maths and science competitions, entrance exams or employee exams.